THE STORY OF MAPA begins – as many good stories do – with two friends. In 2020, a turbulent year for the world, we saw our artistic peers grappling to find audiences; meanwhile, a host of art lovers and collectors were confined to their homes.


IT WAS TIME FOR A CHANGE, we decided. Time to spice up the traditional gallery model, to connect both young and experienced art aficionados with promising, emerging artists. Soon, MAPA was born.


AT MAPA, WE BELIEVE every artwork has its own story, which resonates with you for its own reasons. We also believe artists deserve fair compensation, and buyers deserve an accessible and transparent way to purchase art.


MAPA IS NOMADIC. Our gallery mixes the digital and physical, offering handpicked art works both online and in one-off shows in select cities around Europe. We are collaborative and international, with a progressive mentality and a modern technological infrastructure.


Paul Makarov (27, right) is British-Latvian and lives in the Netherlands. He was brought up in an art-loving and entrepreneurial home, and has a knack for marketing, networking and communication. He founded MAPA to create an ethical business to be proud of while helping young artists get ahead.


Marek Sustak (28, left) met Paul during high school while living in Latvia. Born in the Czech Republic, he lived around the world before settling in the Netherlands, and has a background in business and economics. He founded MAPA to build an innovative new gallery and surround himself with creative people.


MAPA is socially engaged and aims to bridge the gap between exhilarating artists and (new) art lovers, making quality art more accessible and spreading its beauty around the world.