When Snowdrops Rise: Curated by Jindra Bucan and Marc Prats

MAPA Fine Art is pleased to present When Snowdrops Rise, a group exhibition featuring five emerging international artists based in London.


These creatives have developed their painting practice at world-leading art universities, and present a body of work that explores their individual identities while commenting on contemporary society. Following our hybrid nomadic model, this exhibition will be divided into two parts: opening online in late March and at a physical location in London during the summer.  


When Snowdrops Rise responds to our previous exhibition Still @livewhich dealt with the shared experience of loneliness caused by numerous lockdowns and was  also curated by Jindra and Marc. This show channels a more positive vibe, at a time when life returns to the streets and a hopeful new future seems to be dawning at the horizon. It explores the play between nostalgia and new beginnings, analogous with the coming of Spring. 

Snowdrops often bloom when the last snow melts away, so they have historically been seen to mark the awakening of a new season. With each Spring comes both renewed vibrant life and the crumbling memory of past blossoms. Eventually, they slip into one another and accumulate with every passing year. The artists in When Snowdrops Rise present viewers with a palette ranging from muted tones to bright, saturated hues; forming a visual narrative akin to these seasonal transitions.