25 January 2021
When Snowdrops Rise Exhibition
When Snowdrops Rise

Although our first exhibition "Still @live" has only just kicked off, we are already busy preparing the second one: ‘When Snowdrops Rise’ will launch in March, and feature six brand new emerging artists.

While Still @live focuses on the dark times we have found ourselves in over the past few years, When Snowdrops Rise looks toward a brighter future; a time of change, hope, positivity and light. A time of regrowth and rebirth.

If we have gained anything from a global pandemic, it might be a shared sense of renewed respect and appreciation for each other. A heightened awareness of the things we value in life, the things that really matter. The artworks in When Snowdrops Rise will allude to these themes with their vibrant colour palettes and imaginative compositions, sparking feelings of optimism, joy and warmth.


A nomadic art gallery


What other bright plans does the future of MAPA hold? As a nomadic art gallery, we will host a new online exhibition about every six weeks. Alongside that, we are going to take our art offline with exclusive pop-up exhibitions in different European cities. In other words, each exhibition will have an online and a physical component.

Since When Snowdrops Rise is the twin exhibition of Still @live, the exhibiting artists will also be from the Royal College of Art. After this, we will showcase artists from top art schools around Europe. Eventually, we hope to expand to other continents, too, and exhibit art (from) around the world.


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