The Art of Entrepreneurship: Marek in Illuster magazine

Interview with one of the founders of MAPA
October 29, 2021
Marek Sustak Iluster Magazine

This week, our co-founder Marek was featured in an article in Illuster magazine. He was interviewed about starting MAPA, his background, and how he ended up in the art world. 


In the article, titled ‘The art of entrepreneurship’, Marek talks about why he decided to stray from the field he did his degree in (European Governance), and start a new venture:


“I’m not an artist myself, but I like to think creatively. We’re trying to make galleries fairer and more future-proof. I really enjoy that challenge. I also get to meet a lot of interesting and inspiring people through my work.”


Asked what he hopes to achieve with MAPA, he says:


“Galleries have a lot of power at the moment. Artists usually depend on gallery holders to show their work, but galleries ask for a commission of up to 50 per cent if the work is sold through them. By showing the artists' work online in thematic exhibitions, we provide them with a broad and international reach. Moreover, we do not have costs such as the rent of a building, which enables us to charge a low commission. That's how we ensure that artists actually earn a living from their work.”


He also reveals his dreams for the future:


“I’d love to see MAPA become a major player in the European market. That way, I could combine all my interests in my work.”

Interested in the rest of the article? You can find the full interview here, a shortened version is available in Illuster.

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