25 January 2021
MAD54 & MAPA Fine Art

As different parts of the world find themselves under different lockdown stages, MAD54 brings you insights into the art world especially curated to be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. Read more from the New York art blogger covering MAPA Fine Art's Still @live exhibition.


MAPA presents its first show, “Still @live” which will be hosted on their website from January 25th through March 8th, 2021. The online exhibition will present selected works from six international artists and will be complemented by a 3-day physical exhibition in London later this year.


The group show presents works from figurative painters Kiki Xuebing Wang, Marc Prats, Anne Carney Raines, James Prapaithong, Yi To and Graham Martin. Their paintings tell stories of different stages societies and individuals have undergone in the past year: oblivion, shock, confinement, reflection and introspection and our current state of figuring out how to move forward and address issues we have long ignored.


Still @live Banner


The title, “Still @ Live”, refers to the impact digital technologies such as instant messaging, social media, video conferencing softwares and such have had on our lives in the past months. Today, more than ever, we rely on these technologies as a medium for communication. We have, in many ways, put a halt on human-to-human communication. How can we still relate to each other?


“Though physically separated, we are still here, and art remains one of the fundamental ways we can investigate our inner states and relate to each other. The expressive language of the works in this show can serve as a guide on an introspective journey, to a higher sense of unity which can be fully experienced once we can finally meet again in physical places.”

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