Nina Baxter (1992) is an artist born in London who received a BA in Art History from the Courtauld Institute of Art in 2013 and currently lives and works in London. Her paintings have been exhibited and collected internationally, with work in private collections across the UK, USA, Europe and China. 


Between 2012 and 2019 Nina worked primarily as an abstract painter, her geometric compositions and abstract landscapes were shortlisted for the Royal Arts Prize, the Sunny Arts Prize and widely exhibited, including art fairs such as The Affordable Art Fair in London and Red Dot Miami. 
The paintings from this period display an evolution in style, beginning with an expressive, painterly application informed by a combination of Impressionist and Abstract Expressionist painters, focused on mark making. These works are based on photographs the artist has taken of the landscape, and sometimes cityscape, in places such as Crete, Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona. 
The relationship between landscape and abstraction is explored further through research into naturally occurring or man-made landscapes with inherently abstract or painterly qualities, such as agricultural fields, salt ponds and marine sinkholes. Working from secondary image sources, such as aerial photography and satellite images, this exploration develops into more minimal geometric abstraction, focusing on the interaction of colour. Restricted to simplistic shapes building up complex compositions, the subjects of these paintings are distanced to a point where they are perhaps not even recognisable as landscapes at all. 
Around 2020, coinciding with the global pandemic, Nina decided to change her materials from acrylic paints to oils and return to figurative painting and more intimate subjects. Her current work includes portraiture, still life and larger compositions which highlight everyday moments of quiet euphoria, self-reflection, and interpersonal relations. These paintings have become meditations on the artist’s day to day thoughts, feelings, struggles, and pleasures. Nina Baxter's recent paintings have been featured in publications such as Art Maze Mag and Create! Magazine.