Laura Holmes (2000) is a London based artist, born in Norwich. Currently undertaking her MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art, she obtained her BA in Fine Art from De Montfort University in Leicester (2021). She has shown work nationally, with her most notable group shows at Leicester Gallery.


Holmes asks you not to view her work in the same way you would a conventional painting. The work is Physical Time; A space in which the properties of time become tangible. She wants you to experience her work as she does, considering the interchangeability of space, time and physical presence.

All I ask, is that you forget everything you know about time. 

Aiming to create a time that exists beyond its own boundaries, Laura Holmes paints environments which explore our physical relationship to time and space. Her works are created as a physical form of time, a representation of her actions in a given moment, and as an investigation into her subconscious understanding of duration. Each painting takes the form of a non-linear timeline, where the flow of time aligns to become parallel with the application of paint. The marks she makes on the canvas behave similarly to the constant renewal of the present – the past continually influences the present and, correspondingly, what has already been painted determines new marks. The non-linearity of this process stretches the boundaries of her painting beyond each plane of the canvas edge. Paint transcends the surface to exist in a space beyond our reach, or a space which surrounds us. 


Holmes is fascinated by the language of painting, and the relationship she has with her work through this dialogue. She often surrenders her assertion over the paint by immersing herself in the spaces she creates, allowing the medium to become parasitic. The junctures between these times, where decision making is seminal, contribute to the vast array of rhythmical mark-making within her practice. Painting becomes a conversation between the artist and her work, and Holmes considers her practice to be a collaboration with paint.