Jonathan Lambrix (1998) is a Belgian graphic designer and artist born in Munich, Germany. Due to his great interest in the visual arts from a young age, he has developed his own style over the years and now focuses on expressive portraits and abstract landscapes, the aim of which is to evoke an emotion and convey feeling. By studying architecture at the Kunsthumaniora Antwerp, he became more interested in analogue work and he continued his admiration for it in graphic design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.


Lambrix started drawing small hyper realistic portraits for famous persons which resulted in a lot of attention and recognition in his personal work. Often used techniques in his work are the use of charcoal, ink and various printing techniques where he plays with a monotonous palette.


After an arduous quest for a self-identity as a queer artist, Jonathan's art ensures that there should still be a memento of what pride is. The phrase "as long as you're happy" will be heard at every coming out, be it with a positive or negative outcome. Through the experience of this phrase, art has become a form of therapy to develop self-esteem, and to confront and help others with these feelings. The artworks and processes are never completed and continue to question his sexuality, activism and political pride. Jona draws his feelings out so that his drawings can feel in his place and he now feels ready to share this feeling with the wider public.