Rotteveel Vermeer is a recently founded Dutch colorist duo, consisting of visual artist Jochem Rotteveel and fashion stylist Thomas Vermeer. Their shared fascination with color brought them together. Jochem Rotteveel describes himself as a painter, who utilizes special materials: adhesive foil and tape. Thomas Vermeer has been working as a stylist for major brands such as Hermès, Vlisco and Longchamp and fashion magazines like ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar.

In the tradition of Robert Rauschenberg and Isa Genzken, Rotteveel Vermeer approached their material in the conviction that every type of material could be appropriate for art, as long as it is able to surprise the artist.  With foil and tape, Rotteveel Vermeer investigates several boundaries. By folding the foil, they add volume onto flat surfaces, stretching the boundary between two-dimensional and three-dimensional. As Rotteveel and Vermeer are not able to physically blend colours, they aim to blend the colours optically. By following the creases, the viewer blends the colours optically.


Rotteveel and Vermeer work on dibond panels but also create large murals. The murals address all the questions raised above yet add another question around eternity value, since all murals are temporary. These murals make a statement, to prove that art should not necessarily hold eternity value, for the real value of art lies in the moment that you experience it.