James Prapaithong (1996) is a London-based artist born in Bangkok. He is currently completing an MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art in London and previously obtained his BA from Wimbledon College of Arts, also in London (2019). 


Prapaithong’s most recent show was at the Old Central St. Martins Building, curated by the Auction Collective (2020). He has also been short-listed for the Clyde & Co Art Awards (2019) and long-listed for the Jackson’s Open Painting Prize (2019). 


Prapaithong’s work deals with the sense of place and the interior narratives that encapsulate our personal histories. As he himself states, ‘it is in our nature that we desire to be remembered, yet we constantly forget and leave behind the moments we once held dear. Our personal histories are held in various places we might never be able to revisit again, silently waiting for our return.’ His paintings are reminiscent of such places and the lingering sentiment that lies within; intended to create flashbacks, reminding us of precious moments that were lost once we moved on.


Prapaithong transposes personal images of places he visited in the past onto canvas, by layering thin washes of oil paint that induce strong feelings of nostalgia and melancholy. After several national lockdowns, such scenes can feel simultaneously familiar and strange, as the deprivation of any possibility to travel has forced us to see the usual places in which we spend our time in different ways.