Henry Glover (1997) is a London-based artist from the United Kingdom. He obtained his BFA in Painting from Wimbledon College of Art (2020) in London.


Glover has exhibited his work across the country, with his most recent solo show at Liliya Gallery in London (2021). He has also been awarded the Saatchi Art’s Rising Star 2020 award and The Fine Art Collective, Elephant X ColArts Summer Residency 2019.


Glover is a painter and a sculptor who uses different mediums for their unique material qualities. Through his focus on materiality, he explores the interplay between physical sensation and human relationships. This connection is expressed in images of young lovers hugging and kissing, of hands squeezing a pillow, or of boxers locked in a deadly embrace. In this fashion, Glover’s soft and delicate yet eerily sinister paintings are the result of a fluid outpouring of his emotions, secrets and desires. 


The diaristic nature of his work is reflected quite literally in the scribbles, scratches, and linear doodles that cover his romanticized compositions. These tactile marks accumulate in layers charged with memories of youthful turbulence, just like each blossom brings forth renewed life that in its decay will become part of generations to come.