Cynthia Eisenberg (1970) is an artist based in Argentina and born in Buenos Aires. She studied art and design at the University of Buenos Aires, art direction at the San Martin Cultural Centre and Journalism at the Tomás Eloy Martinez Foundation. Currently she is a permanent artist at the Partage Galerie in Brussels and has an upcoming exhibition ‘Lola Mora Room’ at the Argentinian Embassy in Rome (2021).


Eisenberg’s sources of inspiration range from everyday fleeting moments to human rights and gender issues. Her works often zoom in on these brief moments in life and she describes her artistic approach as an invitation to be fully aware of the present moment. Through painting the daily scenes of everyday life, she captures the attention of the viewer and awakens in them an appreciation for the simple things in life.


Eisenberg’s artistic methods establish a relationship between colour, form and surface that creates a dialogue between observation and emotion. She regularly works with the female form, producing sensual and profound works that spark a debate about the place of women in society.