Anne Carney Raines (1990) is a London-based artist born in Nashville. She is currently finishing an MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art in London and previously obtained her BFA in Painting and Art History from Indiana University Bloomington (2014). 


Raines has exhibited internationally, with her most recent show at the Swiss Church in London, curated by Hot Desque (2020). She has also been awarded the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant (2020) and the Bloomberg New Contemporaries Award (2020).  


Raines’s practice is rooted in her background in scenic painting. Thus, Raines’s canvases often depict staged spaces filled with curtains, murals, doorways, blocked passages and rooms within rooms. It is almost as if her imagined spaces depict the very human mind. Perhaps, though, Raines’s preoccupation with the psychology of place and space comes across most clearly in her eerie play with the presence and absence of human figures.

While constructing these unusual rooms, in which various elements are painted in trompe l’oeil fashion, Raines uses a limited palette that uses the power of complementary colours to evoke strong feelings of nostalgia. In the current times of confinement, the relationship between interior spaces and the human mind has become more relevant than ever before, making Raines’s paintings a poetic recording of history.