Alyina Zaidi (1995) is a London-based artist from India. She is currently finishing her MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art in London (2021). She obtained her BA in Liberal Arts and Science at the Mount Holyoke College (2017). Zaidi has exhibited her work across London, with her most recent show at the Bowes-Parris Gallery. 


Zaidi’s work operates within the genre of landscape. She parts from this tradition to create a magical world imbued with personal narratives. Her compositions are mostly fictional but are rooted in her upbringing in Kashmir and Delhi. Zaidi’s layered paintings of playfully contorted forms and perspectives reflect a utopian vision of the political situation in this region. 


Her renderings of elastic trees, expanding fields and profound valleys occur in translucent layers of saturated greens, magentas and ochres. Zaidi works on canvas, wood and plexiglass. Her plexiglass works in particular, one of which has been included in this show, are curiously characterised by the reverse application of paint (as opposed to more traditional methods, which involve adding the background layers first and building from there). These unconventional methods, combined with her magically vibrant palette and fluid forms, carry an inherent energetic naivité characteristic of nature’s rebirth with the eruption of Spring.